Monday, September 29, 2008

What is life experience?

People will describe life experience different ways. I, however, am living and learning everyday by simply being in a house with two, but soon to be three, boys. I wouldn't change it for the world. There are things boys can do that girls simply cannot and I am facinated by some, well, most of them.

I love laughing until my sides hurt and, fortunately for me, I get to do that with my 4 year old, Christopher. There is nothing funnier than trying to explain to a four year old how it is that they end up peeing on their heads while laughing hysterically. Even though I find it hilarious, he finds it somewhat terrifying even though he cannot stop. Even in the car when I tell him to hold his pee he grabs himself and holds on for dear life. What could be better humor?

My huband, Chris, is a character in himself and for those who know him know it is true. His has this spastic neck twitching thing he does. Most of the time he is not conciously aware that he is doing it. I just want to turn on "Walk Like An Egyptian" and dance with him. He also cannot reach the back of his neck so watching him trying to straighten the backs of his collars is like watching a dog chase his tail. Does he really think walking in circles while stretching is going to work?

Maybe there isn't a real point to this post other than to break the ice. Most of my blog posts will be about the things I learn from living with the male species. You learn something new everyday.